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This is a slightly darker/greyer version of the brushed-metal kde theme created by Gerald. This should help till the baghira version is perfected
That Style was originally based heavily on Aronnax Acqua KDE-Style. He mainly changed the background.png file and did some minor changes in the theme file.
Here is the list of changes i made
1> Got rid of the round edged buttons/sliders etc (The slider is now a shiny and rectangular and the buttons are all sharp edged)... This i wouldnt claim to have succeeded at greatly since the buttons as well as the scroll bars still show slight irregularities (someone give me better pngs)
2> Created a darker an slightly more smoothly textured background.png file (it now more closely resembels brushed aluminium)
3> Absolutely minimal use of blue colour (YES i still spell it as coloUr!!!! ) and tabs that blend better with the window background etc
4> Finally Thanks Gerald for the original.


16 years ago

Finally someone did it. Thanks, very good work.




16 years ago

Hey... Thanks For The Compliment... :)!!...anyway i did what? ..:?


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