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Howdy-doody folks,

Another installment in the burgeoning "Cezanne" icon theme. (Actually, Cezanne seems to be having less and less to do with this theme, so any suggestions for new names will be gratefully received with open ears).

Included in this installment is a collection of icons for various archive types in the style of cardboard boxes (yes, that old chestnut!), including:

generic "archive", hqx, rar, sit, tar, tgz, zip, and debian

Big thanks goes to the mighty Everaldo for letting me reuse his grrrooovy 'rev counter' rpm logo from the Crystal icon set. Cheers.

Install instructions:
1. supplied are 128x128 PNGs. Add files to the source image folders of your icon theme of choice.
2. Use Maitre's ace ./buildset script (available from the icon section of kde-look) to create icon theme archive.
3. Use KControl to install.
4. Enjoy your pretty new icons!
5. blah, blah, you know the drill...

Further installments coming soon. Please comment if you like what you see.



14 years ago




14 years ago

If you add a BZ2 box to the set, everything will be perfect!



14 years ago

This is looking to be a great icon set... there are few really good ones lying around, and this is definitely becoming one.

As for the naming, Cezanne is a good name, it has a nice ring to it. Plus there is some relation.



14 years ago

oh boy, these icons along with the folders look absolutely great. can't wait to see a fully completed "cezanne" icon-set.

please continue this marvelous work! (i would like to see these icons as kde-default-icons)

btw: i think that naming it cezanne is okay. it is somehow different, refreshing and helps to identify this piece of work. :)


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