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These icons can be used to make dropbox fit in better in KDE 4. There is still room for improvement, but for now these will do and they significantly improve the look of the systray.

The dropbox logo itself is owned by Dropbox, I only made a more KDE-ish version of them.

They can be installed by copying the png files to the folder {$DROPBOXDIR}/icons/hicolor/16x16/status (and while the icons themselves are 32x32 this doesn\\\\\\\'t appear to give any problems).

If dropbox is installed in your home folder, the icons should be moved to:


You will require a recent version of dropbox to get them to work. If the icons folder isn\\\\\\\'t present you should first update your dropbox installation.

If you use these together with my Amarok Systray Icon (http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/?content=133563 ) and xam\\\\\\\'s Additional SysTray Icons ( http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/?content=133685 ) you can get most of (or even all) your systray icons in the oxygen style.


3 years ago

Please center those icons moving them two pixels above.Good job, though.



4 years ago

I'm using Kubuntu 13.04 and there's no icon-folder in .dropbox-dist but you'll find a image-folder.

So if you put all the images in:

everything works fine... thx for your nice work



6 years ago




6 years ago

Hi, looks beautiful! Is it possible to implement it, into Kfilebox? How? Thanks in advance!




6 years ago

I've never used kfilebox, so I'm not entirely sure, but it *should* probably be possible to do it.

If I were you, I'd try to figure out where the images for kfilebox are stored. Alternatively, you could ask one of the kfilebox developers...


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