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This icon set I designed to work well with UbuntuStudio (it has the UbuntuStudio logo as the distro icon, so you may want to manually edit that if you're running another distro). It was built by writing over the human & gnome icon sets from Fesity, so there are some of those icons still in the set. It'd be nice if someone with some extra time could tidy this up & get rid of those (maybe I will one day).

The icons consist of:
- Icon sets from J3Concepts: (who agreed to allow me to release this icon set under the GPL, though I think I still owe him a case of beer for doing so, so technically speaking it may not be GPLed just yet...)
- the Decadence icons:
- the Human icons
- the Gnome icons
- many modifications and brand new icons from yours truly

8 years ago


It'd be nice to know what people don't like about this set so that I can try to improve. Please let me know.



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