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Mandrake 8.2 running KDE 2.2.

Running is Mozilla 0.9.9+ and XMMS. Also running via Codeweavers Crossover plugin is Quicktime and WMP 6. Best $25 I have spent in a long time.

Finally WordPerfect 2000 for Linux. Although not available anymore, this office suite rocks.

Nothing special, just a very plain desktop. I have the taskbar hidden as I hate it, but I have it so just the "K" shows up when I move the cursor to the left hand corner.

Oh, and I got that great background from here.


6 years ago

I haven't managed to figure out exactly how to use it, but if you haven't found another solution yet, SUSE Studio might be a good option:

IIRC you can pair it with any repository, which lets you use the Build Service to either find just about any package you want, or to create your own personal repository for your distro to use:

At least a few people at the SUSE forums should be interested in a multimedia distro project, so you really should try posting about it there.



6 years ago

I have thought about LFS before, but there is a little more to it than that. There are a few issues at hand still such as JACK because you have to have that just right, and virtually no distros has it right out of the box. Also, the different plug ins, and things like that. So, again, it is a little over my head, but I think I can figure most of it out. It is just nice to be able to talk to people about it.


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