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my newest theme for kopete

it is based on the Clean kopete theme , but i did some modifications , and kinda like it this way :)

thanx for Jonas for the Clean style :)

hope you like it !

tip : i am shipping with my current avatar at the moment.

the avatar is a picture from the website : ,

if you want to have your photo or avatar displayed on chat windows , just do a ln -s of the msnpic you are using , to styles/data/Colors/me.png


PS : after you change the me.png (~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/styles/data/Colors/me.png) , you have to restart kopete for it to update :( sorry

PS 2 : for photo on outgoing messages to work ( and also other 2 pics that i use on the theme ) , you have to install the data directory to ~/.kde/share/apps/kopete/styles/data

if anyone knows how to make this work for user and system locations at the same time , please send me a note :)


12 years ago

well it look's nice very nice, yagami
now all you have to make is a mourinho theme. :)
but then you will probly get sued by UEFA, :)
PS. FCP is stil the champion.



12 years ago

Pls what kind of window decoration are you using?
It seems Plastik, but I can't obtain such a nice effect.




12 years ago

its plastik but from the cvs version of kde


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