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Provides Gtk+ and Gtkmm widgets for OpenSceneGraph. osgGtk provides widgets that can be used to integrate OpenSceneGraph (OSG) into Gtk+/gtkmm applications. There are two sublibraries osgGtk and osgGtkmm. Neither library has a dependency on the other.

Although Gtk+ is a C library osgGtk provides two core C++ classes, ViewerGtk and GraphicsWindowGtk, that respectively subclass from OSG's Viewer and GraphicsWindow. GraphicsWindowGtk maintains a gtkglext DrawingArea that provides ViewerGtk with an OpenGL rendering context. GraphicsWindowGtk's get_widget() method returns a GtkWidget* that can be used as normal in a Gtk application.

osgGtkmm also provides two similar classes, ViewerGtkmm and GraphicsWindowGtkmm. However, GraphicsWindowGtkmm uses multiple inheritance to subclass from both osgViewer::GraphicsWindow and Gtk::GL::DrawingArea, thus providing a class that is both a gtkmm widget and an OSG graphics window.

For more information on how to use these classes see the examples in the API documentation or in the examples directory in the source tarball.
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