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A fullscreen, distraction-free writing program. You can customize your environment by changing the font, colors, and background image to add ambiance as you type. FocusWriter features an on-the-fly updating wordcount, optional auto-save, optional daily goals, and toolbars that hide away to allow you to focus more clearly; additionally, when you open the program your current work-in-progress will automatically load and position you at the end of your document, so that you can immediately jump back in.
Last changelog:

Version 1.7.6 1 year ago

* FIXE Did not load locales with underscores
* FIXE Compile failure due to missing header
* Translation updates: Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish


2 years ago

Hey probonopd, thanks a lot for making this Appimage !!!!!!! For others that might bump into this, it's here Really appreciate it, buddy ...... works like a charm!



2 years ago

It would be awesome if there were an Appimage of FocusWriter!



9 years ago

I've used Q10, WriteMonkey, Darkroom, Pyroom a couple of the Chrome Web apps that do a similar job. But I always end up comparing them to this and I wonder why I keep bothering to test the others as they always come up short. This is a great tool, does everything I need, runs in every OS I use and portably on usb stick. Just great. Thanks for making it.




9 years ago

Thanks, I'm glad you like it so much!


Version 1.7.6 1 year ago

* FIXE Did not load locales with underscores
* FIXE Compile failure due to missing header
* Translation updates: Slovenian, Swedish, Turkish

Version 1.7.5 1 year ago

* Updated Windows dictionaries
* Updated Windows deployment
* Translation updates: Ukrainian

Version 1.7.4 1 year ago

* FIXE Broken emergency cache in Windows
* FIXE Daily progress did not show star background with some themes
* Replaced deprecated code
* Translations: Catalan, Swedish

Version 1.7.3 1 year ago

* FIXE Was not loading KDE icon theme
* FIXE Headings menu was incorrectly shown in German
* Replaced deprecated code
* Translations: Friulian, German, Korean

Version 1.7.2 2 years ago

* FIXE Minimum sizes for page counts were too high
* FIXE Window icon didn't work in Wayland
* Require Qt 5.9
* Improved loading locales
* Translation updates: Friulian, Korean

Version 1.7.1 2 years ago

* FIXE Did not launch when incorrect lock file was found

Version 1.7.0 2 years ago

* FIXE Daily progress percentages were not locale aware
* FIXE Scene list text was incorrect with Qt 5.12
* Show current streak for previous day
* Improved detection of running instance
* Updated included hunspell
* Updated dictionaries
* Translation updates: Czech, Dutch, Hungarian

Version 1.6.16 2 years ago

* FIXE Could not always save to remote drives
* FIXE Could not browse shortcuts in Windows file dialogs

Version 1.6.15 2 years ago

* FIXE Automatic high dpi support
* Translation updates: Galician, Spanish

Version 1.6.14 2 years ago

* FIXE Regression where emergency cache didn't run
* Renamed NEWS to ChangeLog
* Translation updates: Bosnian

Verison 1.6.13 3 years ago

* Updated dictionaries
* Updated Unicode symbols database
* Replaced deprecated code
* Extra warnings only shown in debug build
* Improved Linux deployment
* Improved macOS deployment
* Improved Windows deployment
* Translation updates: Dutch, French, Portuguese

Version 1.6.12 3 years ago

* Ignore empty cache files
* Remove auto save
* Translation updates: Slovenian

Version 1.6.11 3 years ago

* FIXE File monitoring prevented saving in Windows
* Translation updates: Danish, Slovenian

Version 1.6.10 3 years ago

* Default to Flat ODT for cache files
* Reduce time between cache writes to 5 minutes
* FIXE Fade effect broke alerts
* FIXE Fade effect hid text on load screen
* Translation updates: Greek

Version 1.6.9 3 years ago

* Updated dictionaries
* FIXE Could not save to network devices
* Translation updates: Igbo, Slovenian

Version 1.6.8 3 years ago

* FIXE Could not compile with Qt 5.10
* FIXE Did not handle ODT line position with two values
* Translation updates: German, Indonesian

Version 1.6.7 3 years ago

* Updated dictionaries
* FIXE HiDPI blurred text backgrounds were scaled
* FIXE Window margin was always the size of the scrollbar
* FIXE Always indented first line when printing

Version 1.6.6 3 years ago

* FIXE Did not always install translations in Linux
* FIXE Unneccessary compiler warning about switch fallthrough
* FIXE Did not show headings when automatic spellchecking was disabled
* FIXE Foreground incorrectly placed when load stretched themes
* Translation updates: Czech, Armenian

Version 1.6.5 4 years ago

* FIXE Data loss when program crashed
* Updated included hunspell
* Updated dictionaries
* Translation updates: Greek, Swedish

Version 1.6.4 4 years ago

Updated AppData installation directory
FIXE HiDPI blurred text backgrounds were offset and scaled
FIXE HiDPI backgrounds were not centered properly
FIXE HiDPI centered backgrounds were also scaled
Translation updates: Chinese (Taiwan), Finnish, German, Indonesian

Version 1.6.3 4 years ago

* Updated included hunspell
* FIXE Line spacing was ignored when pasting in new documents
* FIXE Pasting text always made document rich text
* FIXE Possible delay on start when creating non-native printer
* Translation updates: Chinese (China), Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian

Version 1.6.2 4 years ago

* Generate binary translations at build time
* FIXE Focused text did not handle first-line indent
* FIXE Was not properly loading Qt translations
* Translation updates: Armenian, Dutch, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Swedish, Ukrainian

Version 1.6.1 4 years ago

* FIXE Incorrectly handled non-heading text in OOXML.
* FIXE Misspelled words did not follow heading style.
* FIXE Did not always close OOXML paragraph properties correctly.
* FIXE Did not correctly store RTL in OOXML.
* FIXE Reported conflicts for empty shortcuts.
* FIXE Switched to incorrect tab to show conflicting shortcuts.
* Translation updates: German, Romanian.

Version 1.6.0 4 years ago

* Added always showing interface
* Added headings
* Added new default themes
* Added removing user-installed dictionaries
* Added shortcut for typographical apostrophe
* Added support for ODT Flat XML files
* Added support for high DPI displays
* Switched to QSoundEffect
* Updated dictionaries
* FIXE Daily progress did not reset when run longer than a day
* FIXE Printer margins were too big
* FIXE Was replacing session files with command-line files
* FIXE Did not add new default symbol shortcuts
* Translation updates: Arabic, Armenian, Catalan, Chinese (China), Dutch, English (United Kingdom), French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Turkish, Vietnamese

Version 1.5.7 4 years ago

* Switched to cross-compiled builds for Windows
* FIXE Did not play sounds for key presses with Alt modifier
* FIXE Could not change shortcut to disable focused text

4 years ago

2016-06-22 version 1.5.6:
* Updated included hunspell
* FIXE Did not remember some default formats
* FIXE Replace all did not update spellchecking
* FIXE Themes still did not always forget changes
* Translation updates: Afrikaans (South Africa), Danish, Esperanto, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Spanish

2015-09-04 version 1.5.5:
* Added support for pasting RTF in Windows
* Switched back to dynamic builds for Windows
* Updated dictionaries
* FIXE Themes did not always forget changes
* FIXE Treated every paragraph as a scene when divider is empty
* FIXE Switched tabs during autosave
* FIXE Allowed pasting and saving invalid null character
* Translation updates: Catalan, Esperanto, Lithuanian, Portuguese (Brazil)

2015-06-13 version 1.5.4:
* Relax version check of ZIP to handle broken ZIP files
* Remove deprecated code for unsupported Mac OS X versions
* Switch to static builds for Windows
* FIXE Broken shortcut for disabling focused text in Windows
* FIXE Word count did not handle dashes correctly
* FIXE Did not use correct line endings in Windows
* FIXE Incorrectly sized icon for daily progress
* FIXE Crash when importing themes
* Translation updates: Esperanto, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian

2014-08-17 version 1.5.3:
* FIXE Find did not take smart quotes into account
* FIXE Style hierarchy was not always loaded in ODT
* FIXE Ignored text sections in ODT files
* FIXE Was not reading styles for OOXML files
* Translation updates: Hebrew, Portuguese (Brazil), Swedish

2014-07-20 version 1.5.2:
* FIXE Regression with RtfWriter encoding characters in Windows
* FIXE Windows installer did not install shortcut for all users
* FIXE Finnish spellchecking did not work in Windows
* FIXE Incorrect handling of mimetypes in copy-paste
* FIXE Keywords in .desktop file should be separated by semicolons
* Translation updates: French, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil)

2014-06-24 version 1.5.1:
* Added keywords to .desktop file
* FIXE Spelling underline was broken
* FIXE Incorrect MIME type for Office Open XML
* FIXE Incorrect version number string
* FIXE Compile issues with Qt 4.6
* FIXE Regression with sound effects on Windows
* FIXE Regression with default cursor width on Windows
* FIXE Regression where menubar was not shown in Ubuntu
* Translation updates: Spanish (Mexico), Korean, Swedish

2014-06-17 version 1.5.0:
* Added daily progress dialog
* Added default themes
* Added blurring behind text area
* Added drop shadow behind text area
* Added duplicating themes
* Added keyboard shortcuts to move between paragraphs
* Added option to disable byte order mark
* Added basic support for Office Open XML files
* Added Windows installer
* Include dictionaries on Windows
* Improved theme dialog
* Improved background color when loading theme
* Stopped clearing document cache across runs
* Synchronized location for open and save dialogs
* Switched to hunspell
* Switched to QtZip
* Refactored daily progress
* Refactored document cache
* Refactored spell checking code
* Translation updates: Armenian, Czech, Dutch, Greek, Finnish, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Chinese (China)

2014-04-10 version 1.4.6:
* Bug fixes

2014-03-25 version 1.4.5:
* Bug fixes

2013-05-31 version 1.4.4:
* Added Indonesian translation
* Bug fixes

2013-04-06 version 1.4.3:
* Fixed emergency cache for new files

2013-03-27 version 1.4.2:
* Updated Turkish translation
* Bug fixes
* Added support for Qt 5

2012-11-28 version 1.4.1:
* Bug fixes

2012-09-22 version 1.4.0:
* Added scene list sidebar
* Added focusing text
* Added line spacing in themes
* Added symbols dialog
* Added monitoring files for changes
* Added editable keyboard shorcuts
* Allow changing formats in save dialogs
* Switched to enchant for spell checking
* Check spelling in background
* Removed included dictionaries
* Added Slovak translation
* Added Japanese translation
* Added Simplified Chinese translation
* Bug fixes

2012-06-12 version 1.3.6:
* Added Danish translation
* Fixed emergency cache

2012-01-16 version
* Added Hungarian translation
* Improved Finnish and Spanish translations
* Bug fixes

2011-12-04 version
* Added Dutch translation
* Bug fixes

2011-11-09 version 1.3.5:
* Compress exported themes
* Bug fixes

2011-10-16 version 1.3.4:
* Added basic ODT support
* Add Greek, Swedish, and Ukrainian translations
* Bug fixes

2011-06-27 version 1.3.3:
* Added emergency file cache
* Replaced icon and load image
* Improved Mac integration
* Switched to SDL_mixer instead of libao
* Added Russian translation
* Added German translation
* Bug fixes

2010-12-28 version 1.3.2:
* Added rounded corners to themes
* Added Czech translation
* Bug fixes

2010-10-28 version 1.3.1:
* Added typewriter sound effects
* Added Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, and Spanish translations
* Bug fixes

2010-09-23 version 1.3.0:
* Added text formatting
* Added smart quotes
* Added session management
* Added timers and alarms
* Added importing and exporting themes
* Added selected text statistics
* Added dictionaries for supported languages
* Bug fixes

2010-07-01 version 1.2.2:
* Added portability support
* Switched to native file dialogs
* Updated keyboard shortcuts
* Updated included libraries

2010-01-22 version 1.2.1:
* Added French and Portuguese translations
* Added changing text area's horizontal position
* Added disabling anti-aliasing
* Bug fixes

2009-07-12 version 1.2.0:
* Added spell checking
* Added document tabs
* Added menubar
* Added toolbar customization
* Added document statistics
* Added second wordcount algorithm
* Added option to use block cursor
* Improved file saving
* Bug fixes

2009-05-31 version 1.1.2:
* Use UTF-8 character encoding

2009-05-10 version 1.1.1:
* Fixed goals selection bug

2009-04-19 version 1.1.0:
* Added daily goals
* Added support for themes
* Added find and replace
* Changed default centering
* Bug fixes

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