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Advanced Qml Pills for complex User Interfaces. A open-framework for Qt-Quick developers to give a new effort in UI development. Support themes, custom graphic elements, developed new objects and more. The QML components are dinamically loaded instead to be instantiated saving memory and resources. Harmattan 1.2 Meego and Symbian^1 - Symbian^3 tested for compatibility.

Qt-Complex has been released in its first final version including N9 and N950 devices compatiblity.

The framework is platform-independent, thus its components work on desktop, Symbian S60 3rd edition and 5th edition, Symbian!^1 and Symbian!^3 and now on the Harmattan platforms. The framework components were tested on the following physical devices:

Nokia E7-00
Nokia N8
Nokia E90 (experimental only)
Nokia N950 (full working integrating page stack navigation)
Macbook with Snow Leopard
Windows 7 and Windows Xp SP3
Ubuntu 10.4 Lucid

What is

Qt-Complex follows the concept of a open framework

It is a code package that can be added to any Qt-Quick project - also existing - enabling the management of complex components such as Ovi maps navigation, animated toolbars, grouped switches etc. Following the QML philosophy, Qt-Complex is hyerarchical so you will find simple elements (button switches, buttons, standard toolbar, ...) and complex elements that reuse the same basic objects.

Main Features

All the objects are loaded. Using the loading method when an object becomes unnecessary for the application (i.e. the splash screen image shown only at the program startup) can be unloaded freeing memory and resources.

The framework works with themes: this means that the same object (part of the framework itself or external to it) can be reused with different graphic elements. I found that feature really useful while testing UI for the clients when they like something different, but are not sure of the effect.

It is very simple to change the objects behavior and features leaving intact the surrounding logics. This means that the developer can integrate transparently the framework inside its code. No development-style changes are required.

Following few instructions, the framework can integrate already developed components. This means that reusable pieces of code (i.e. objects or methods) can be integrated in the framework increasing their usability and abstraction level.

Qt-Complex is fully parametrized

Qt-Complex is device-independent. The Geometry feature is a set of methods that manages dynamically the size of the components and sub-components so the screen view is always managed in the right way.'

For more information and usage instructions check the wiki pages of the project.
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