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MRL Library Collection

This is a collection of libraries either written by me or enhanced by me.

Utility - A collection of utility routines that include XML document as object tree, statistics, tracing and property tree template class

MrlModbus - Qt wrapper for libModbus

QtSsrcSpread - Qt wrapper for SSrcs C++ Spread class plus message handling and RPC over Spread

MrlHardware - packet driver classes. This is for send / response protocols eg MODBUS ASCII.

LuaPropertyTree - This is a tree class that stores variant values with attributes. Each item in the tree can be assigned a type which then keys
how it is edited, viewed and displayed. values in the tree can have active objects stored with them. Lua can be used to script additional functionality.

LuaPropertyEditor and LuaPropertyServer are worked examples of how to use Spread and LuaPropertyTree to impliment a distributed object system (cf OPC).

The screenshots are of an application that uses these classes.

Main TODO is documentation.
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