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Currency project is a class library that implements functions for working with currencies. The library comprises the following classes: Currency, CurrencyInfo, CurrencyInfoDir, CurrencyLabel, CurrencyLineEdit

Currency class is responsible for arithmetic functions and storage. It implements the integer math with accuracy up to 1/10000.CurrencyInfo class is responsible for storing information about specific currency in accordance with ISO-4217.CurrencyInfoDir class implements catalog of descriptions currencies, as well as searching for descriptions of currency by the ISO-4217 code. It's also provide the data about currency for the country.CurrencyLabel is a widget for displaying currency. This widget supports multiple display formats and styling with Qt Stylesheet.CurrencyLineEdit is a widget for inputting currency. The widget supports multiple input formats and implements autocompletion for entering the currency code. It can be configured to introduce a limited list of currencies.
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