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This is an extensive library of function/data plotter classes for Qt (>= 4.7, tested with Qt up to 5.4).

The library supports the following features (not complete):
* publication-quality scientific plots
* highly customizable plotting engine
* many predefined plot types (line-graphs, scatter-plots, barcharts, image plots, iso-lines for image-data, boxplots, several geometric elements, function plotter with internal expression parser or C-function pointer, ...)
* internal datastore for data-handling (can also save the data for the plot only, e.g. as CVS, SYLK, ...)
* interface to add user-defined data-/graphics exporters (e.g. for EMF-plots)
* native C++/Qt LaTeX parser/renderer (also usable as standalone component) for math-labels
* plotting widget with Qt >= 4.7 with vast user-interaction capabilities (zoom, data-viewer, copy/save/print plot via context-menu or vanishing toolbar at the top of the widget, ...)
* two plot-widget's can be synchronized, so they have equal x- or y-axes (e.g. to show a fit and thr residuals)

This software is licensed under the term of the GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1 (LGPL 2.1) or above.
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