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Well, this is it... pretty much OsX inspired KDE 3.2.3, although I tried to make sth at least a bit original - that's why I got rid of entire kicker, something that's been on my mind for a long time. I put the kmenu and logout and all other neccessary stuff into ksmoothdock, and replaced the taskbar with window list (and put it under the rightclick). As for a systray, I've never been using it too extensively - just for communicators, afaik. I only left the minimise button on the upper-right corner (to prevent myself from accidentally closing the window) - I don't have a taskbar so I don't see the mess on it, lol. I also moved the close button to the upper-left corner. What else do I use ? A combination of 2 icon themes from this site (i don't remember the names by now and I'm too lazy to look up for the links, will add it later - I frankly do think about changing these 'cos I want sth really original, but I haven't found anything better-looking so far), a self-made wallpaper, and a styleclock (that's the only remnant of the kicker).

Well, that's all, I guess.

Now feel free to despise my ideas, lol.
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