Now Dock development is deprecated!!!!

All the new efforts have moved to Latte Dock!!! ;)
the following days there will be announcements and info about the new kid in the block!!!

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All New Versions will be included inside the Now Dock Panel at:
Last changelog:

v0.4.0 7 months ago

-- plasma 5.8 fixes
-- player buttons in menu
-- set activities for a task
-- fixes in animations
-- add window options


10 months ago


thank you for your interest...

1) can you please explain me ? have you put it in an empty panel and you want it to be "Always On Top" ?

2) can you please explain? What settings arent always perfect? what resizing and rotating?

3) this is a nice idea... The colors used are from the current plasma theme. I might try to find 3 different colors in plasma themes which can represent these 3 states. But for the active window I believe the color is correct, it corresponds exactly what the current theme uses for focusing in an element....



v0.4.0 7 months ago

-- plasma 5.8 fixes
-- player buttons in menu
-- set activities for a task
-- fixes in animations
-- add window options

v0.3.2 8 months ago

-- localization support and translations
-- small bug fixes

v0.3.1 8 months ago

--nice animation for active/inactive window change
--improve click animation for zoom factor 1.0

v0.3.0 9 months ago

-- support different launchers per activity
-- window previews
-- highlight windows
-- anchor your plasmoid wherever you want in order to provide proper zoom animation
-- visual indicator for tasks progress (e.g. copying files)
-- change infrastructure for icons in order to solve many issues with old implementation and provide no blurred icons always
-- configure animation duration
-- work smoothly with Now Dock Panel(0.3)
-- support Plasma 5.8

v0.2.2 9 months ago

-- improved memory usage
-- new default panel theme based on plasma's theme
-- created transparenter python application
-- animated startup sequence
-- various small fixes all around

v0.2.1t 10 months ago

--upload the trasparent panel script and gui for public usage

v0.2.1 10 months ago

--small fixes in colors and calculations

v0.2.0 10 months ago

-- support for dragging and drag n. drop (create launchers from outside)
-- improved icons appearance (fixed the small blurring) more sharpness
-- three different colors can be shown if the user wants to for (minimized, active, just shown) windows
-- the design of the line and dots has been merged in a single way to handle this visually,
in that way the design is simpler and more space is gained.

v0.1.1 10 months ago

--improved animations and icons size handling

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