Arc KDE - This is a port of the popular GTK theme Arc for Plasma 5 desktop with a few additions and extras.

Screenshot Details
Engine: Kavntum
Kvantum Theme: Arc Darker
Aurorae Decoration: Arc Dark
Plasma Theme: Arc Dark
Icons: Papirus
Dock: Latte Dock
File Manager: Dolphin
Terminal: Yakuake

NOTE: Arc Color Plasma Theme Support KDE Color Scheme.

Last changelog:

20180614 5 days ago

- update network icons for Plasma 5.13
- add support keyboardindicator
- clear code


2 months ago

Light theme is beautiful! Thank you for the hard work!!!



10 months ago

One of the best themes for plasma 5, awesome work thanks!!!!


20180614 5 days ago

- update network icons for Plasma 5.13
- add support keyboardindicator
- clear code

20180201 4 months ago

- redesign choqok icon
- new tray icons TeamViewer, ring-kde
- redesign icons applications, view-history on kickoff
- new icon popular on kickoff
- adaptation for light colors & background for Arc Color
- redraw widgets borders on Arc Color
- add tabbar on Arc Color

20171109 7 months ago

- Added Notes widget
- Redesign cantata icon & fix ID name
- Clear code on icons
- Redesign akonadi, akregator icons
- Update color on some KMenu icons

20170925 8 months ago

Add kdf systemtray icon
Remove toolbar, toolbox, translucentbackground widgets #69
Restore colors for Plasma Arc Dark

20170916 9 months ago

Fix size system-suspend on Arc Color #63
Redesign busywidget
Add Update icon for plasmashell
Fix checkmarks
Fix clock widget
Delete colors from Arc Dark (not needed)
Delete css from tabbar on Arc Dark
Fix scrollwidget on Arc Dark
Transparent scrollwidget

20170912 9 months ago

Change backround widget color
Delete CSS-Class from some widgets
Delete unused widgets
Redesign busywidget
Fix lineedit & button widgets
Fix colors

20170904 9 months ago

Arc Color:
- Fix borders on widgets
- Redesign Clock widget
- Redesign computer icon
- Add widget for tooltip
Arc Dark:
- Fix border on Clock

20170902 9 months ago

- Optimisation perfomance with clear code
- Redesign and fix battery icons
- Fix Tooltip widget on Arc Color
- Disable opacity on Arc Color
- Delete unused objects

20170731 10 months ago

Arc Dark:
- Fix bookmarks icon
- Fix start icon
- Update computer icon
Arc Color:
- all icons now monochrome and support KDE Color Scheme

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