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Terminal in a plasmoid.
Run your favourite terminal applications like nethogs, htop, colortail etc. on your desktop as a widget.

# Features
* Terminal :)
* Comes with many inbuilt colour schemes
* Configurable Font family and Font size in terminal
* Configurable Opacity

# Requirements
"qmltermwidget" package is required as this is the core of the plasmoid.

Arch Distribution: "qmltermwidget" (See
AUR: "qmltermwidget-git" (See
Ubuntu: "qml-module-qmltermwidget1.0"

# Installation

## Build it Yourself
* Download/Clone the source from
* Unzip and cd into directory
* ./build
* ./install (for first time)
* ./reinstall (for updating the plasmoid)

Add the Termoid widget from "Add widgets" on your desktop

* The build / run commands require "kreadconfig5".
* Do *not* run the install / reinstall scripts with "sudo" or the plasmoid will be placed in "/usr/share/" instead of your home directory.

# Using Nethogs in Termoid
Install package "nethogs"
sudo setcap "cap_net_admin,cap_net_raw+pe" /usr/bin/nethogs
once on the system so that sudo permission is not required for running nethogs.

More description at

Please report any issues/feature request to the Github repo.

Enjoy and let me know how are you using Termoid.

Thanks to :
* Zren for the example repositories
* SwordFish90 for qmltermwidget
* t3kpunk for adding command-line arguments support

Last changelog:

v0.2.1 1 year ago

* Added support for program arguments.
* Added Opacity configuration.
* Improved Configuration screen.


7 months ago

For some reason one my laptop with KDE Neon (Upgraded to 18.04) the widget is waaaaay too small and I can't type anything. Any help with that?



7 months ago

on* my bad




7 months ago

Typing inside the plasmoid is currently not supported.
You can resize the plasmoid by first unlocking the widgets (from the right-click-menu on desktop or panel) and then clicking and holding for 2-3 seconds, similar to how it is done for other plasmoids. Thanks.



1 year ago

On an Ubuntu system the user mus be running "Zesty" or newer, as the qml-module-qmltermwidget1.0 app is not available on older versions, including LTS. Just a heads-up.



2 years ago

It is quite nice, but lacks two features:

1) Restart plasmoid command without restarting whole plasmashell.
2) Could have button form in panel.


v0.2.1 1 year ago

* Added support for program arguments.
* Added Opacity configuration.
* Improved Configuration screen.

v0.2 2 years ago

* Fixed possible crash with Qt 5.7

v0.1 : Initial Release 2 years ago

Initial Release.
Basic Functionalities. Nethogs working.
Color Schemes.
Font configuration.

product-maker koldbyte Jan 29 2017

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