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This is the first stable release of my Aubergine dark theme set for Plasma 5. Its main colour is dark violet, the same one as the vegetable. It combines well with greyish colours, as you can see on the screenshots.

In this page you can download the Aubergine theme for the Plasma 5 shell (based on Breeze-Dark and Nightshade)

Other files can be downloaded from the KDE store to match this Plasma theme:

* the Aubergine colour set for windows and applications
* the Aubergine theme for QtCurve
* an optional desktop background (gray-strips.png). It can be downloaded along with the Plasma theme.

As seen on the screenshots, you can also download the following:
* font Exo2 medium for the whole desktop. It is available here:
* font EaDesigner for the digital clock. It is available here:
* the Papirus icons theme. You can download it from the KDE store here:

Please note that this is an alpha version, so many inconsistencies may appear. Feel free to gently get in touch with me in case there is something wrong :-)


1- Install QtCurve on your machine using your distribution repositories or manually. Install QtCurve for Qt4, Qt5 and GTK2.
2- Manually install the theme files downloading them from here:
+ save the Aubergine.qtcurve file to ~/.local/share/QtCurve/
+ save the Aubergine.colors file to ~/.local/share/color-schemes/
+ download the Plasma 5 theme file and extract it, copying the "Aubergine" folder to ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/
3- Set the window decorations to "Plastisk" in the KDE System Settings > Application Style > Window Decorations
4- (optional) Install the Papirus icons theme found in the KDE store. Go to the KDE System Settings > Icons and click on "Get new Theme" to download and install it easily
5- (optional) Save the desktop background called "Gray-strips.png" and set it as the background in the Desktop settings
6- (optional) Grab fonts EaDesigner and Exo2 from and install them through KDE System Settings > Fonts > Font management
+ Enable font Exo2 for the whole desktop in System Settings > Fonts > Adjust all fonts...
+ Enable font EaDesigner for the clock, right clicking on the clock > Digital clock settings. Select EaDesigner from the drop-down list
Last changelog:

2017.08 11 months ago

* Fixed mouse over scrollbar colour in widgets (now white instead of blue)


5 months ago

My favourite Plasma theme!


2017.08 11 months ago

* Fixed mouse over scrollbar colour in widgets (now white instead of blue)

2017.07 1 year ago

* Corrected metadata information
* 1st stable version

2017.05 alpha 2 1 year ago

* Fixed colour issue when compositing is disabled: colour is now set to "aubergine" instead of grey or black

Alpha version 1 year ago

First alpha version released in May 2017

product-maker Lawless Feb 15 2018

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