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Inspired by, This is exactly the same as the default Breeze from plasma 5.9 and the only difference is that only the panels are opaque and there's no shadow. The difference with is that in this case only the panel is opaque, everything else is transparent and has shadows exactly as the stock Breeze (light). So even if the panel is transparent and has no shadow, the menu, the calendar and everything else will look as in stock Breeze.

The best option would be to be able to change the panel transparency and to disable the shadow directly from a gui and without needing to create a different theme but i hope this helps those who want to blend the titlebar and the top panel.

Edit: i have no idea why the folder created when installing from "get new theme" dialog in preferences is called "metadata" when for any other theme installed is called by the name of the theme. If someone can point me into the correct direction to fix this i'd greatly appreciate it.


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Why the Dolphin titlebar is missing?




2 years ago

Hi. You can hide title bars for maximized windows on plasma. You can do it automatically with a plasmoid called Active Window Control:
You can also do it manually by editing ~/.config/kwinrc:
Add the line
To the [Windows] category. However consider that Active Window Control can add the titlebar, the window buttons and the global menu to a panel for a unity-like experience, so is better to do it from AWC.
Hope this helps.

*An small tip: if you're like me and want a more flat look you can ask the breeze window decoration to disable the gradient, it looks pretty nice for breeze-dark IMO.


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