Huen generates a Plasma theme colourised to match your current wallpaper. Add the launcher to your panel and colour change is just a single click.
Demonstration video here:

Huen requires Qt 5 and ImageMagick 6. To install, just run:
sudo ./
A menu entry should appear under Settings.
Last changelog:

v2.5 1 month ago

Revert back to a more tradional look.


1 month ago

Thank you for your team presentation, it is really a good one I think that it is suitable to my desktop.



3 months ago

finally it builds! Will you plan to add automatic change feature?




3 months ago

Very good. Had considered auto-changing but didn't come to a conclusion. e.g. highest saturation doesn't necessarily mean the best colour match. Another idea was to have 16 or 32 pre-defined 'good colours' and match the nearest one to the hue of the wallpaper. It something I'm playing around with.

Any thoughts?



1 month ago

Hi how are you
Write me to my mail


v2.5 1 month ago

Revert back to a more tradional look.

v2.1 1 month ago

Tidy up those awful borders.

v2.0 1 month ago

Complete re-write of theme including new clock. Change some basic colour defs.

v1.5 1 month ago

Cosmetic fixes the the actual theme.

v1.4.1 2 months ago

Remove underlines from task buttons and tabs.

v1.4 2 months ago

Cleanup code and theme. Add defs.h for user customisation.

v1.2 One Click 2 months ago

Allow automatic mode so one click will change colour. Fix the clock.

v1.1 Speedup 2 months ago

Stop using external 'convert' to improve speed.

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