A tiling script for KWin that:

- Tiles windows
- Maintains the tiled layout when windows are interacted with
- Automatically creates and moves between virtual desktops
- Supports both keyboard and mouse controls

After installation, setup keybindings. They can be found in "Settings » Shortcuts » Global Shortcuts » KWin" under the keyword "Quarter".

If you are missing the configuration interface, try "cp ~/.local/share/kwin/scripts/quarter-tiling/metadata.desktop ~/.local/share/kservices5/kwin-script-quarter-tiling.desktop".

For more information, check out the Github-page.
Last changelog:

0.0.8 8 months ago

- Stability improvements
- Reworked activities
- Autosize adjustments
- Eliminated most "ghost tiles"


4 months ago

Best script so far. It improves a lot the kde user experience and helps productivity!



5 months ago

You did a great job!



7 months ago

Great script. Very fluid no bugs.



9 months ago

Finally it arrived on the Store :-) anyway I will continue to update with "git pull" because I see you really improve things daily :-)




9 months ago

Figured it's ready for the Store now that it doesn't crash as much as it did a month ago.

For everyone reading this: I still recommend using git or AUR until the updates slow down, but don't worry if you prefer the Store, I'll try to keep this one updated too.


0.0.8 8 months ago

- Stability improvements
- Reworked activities
- Autosize adjustments
- Eliminated most "ghost tiles"

0.0.7 8 months ago

- Increased stability
- Completely reworked the "Autosize" option
- Cleaned up a bunch of code

0.0.6 8 months ago

- New configuration interface
- Activities can be ignored
- Vim-like default shortcuts
- Removed windows are centered (Float, Float Desktop)
- Bugfixes for moving the floating clients with shortcuts

0.0.5 9 months ago

- Resize respects aspect ratio
- Floating windows can be resized via shortcut
- Floating windows can be tiled via shortcut
- Floated windows are centered after Meta + F & Meta + Esc
- Improved desktop movement

0.0.4 9 months ago

- Size limits (fixed clients & resizing)
- Reworked "Float Desktop" function (Meta + Esc)
- Moving windows to ignored screens now resizes them
- Even more reliable script start

0.0.3 9 months ago

- Fixed multiple bugs preventing the script from starting

0.0.2 9 months ago

- Improved stability when interacting with virtual desktops
- Maximized windows can be unmaximized by moving and resizing
- Ignored Programs function properly with minimizing, maximizing and fullscreening

product-maker sawa Dec 09 2017

You did a great job!

product-maker zk453 Oct 06 2017

Great script. Very fluid no bugs.

product-maker vegarab Aug 20 2017

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