A tiling script for KWin that:

- Tiles windows
- Maintains the tiled layout when windows are interacted with
- Automatically creates and moves between virtual desktops
- Supports both keyboard and mouse controls

After installation, setup keybindings. They can be found in "Settings » Shortcuts » Global Shortcuts » KWin" under the keyword "Quarter".

If you are missing the configuration interface, try "cp ~/.local/share/kwin/scripts/quarter-tiling/metadata.desktop ~/.local/share/kservices5/kwin-script-quarter-tiling.desktop".

For more information, check out the Github-page.
Last changelog:

0.0.8 11 days ago

- Stability improvements
- Reworked activities
- Autosize adjustments
- Eliminated most "ghost tiles"


1 month ago

Finally it arrived on the Store :-) anyway I will continue to update with "git pull" because I see you really improve things daily :-)



1 month ago

Figured it's ready for the Store now that it doesn't crash as much as it did a month ago.

For everyone reading this: I still recommend using git or AUR until the updates slow down, but don't worry if you prefer the Store, I'll try to keep this one updated too.


0.0.8 11 days ago

- Stability improvements
- Reworked activities
- Autosize adjustments
- Eliminated most "ghost tiles"

0.0.7 27 days ago

- Increased stability
- Completely reworked the "Autosize" option
- Cleaned up a bunch of code

0.0.6 30 days ago

- New configuration interface
- Activities can be ignored
- Vim-like default shortcuts
- Removed windows are centered (Float, Float Desktop)
- Bugfixes for moving the floating clients with shortcuts

0.0.5 1 month ago

- Resize respects aspect ratio
- Floating windows can be resized via shortcut
- Floating windows can be tiled via shortcut
- Floated windows are centered after Meta + F & Meta + Esc
- Improved desktop movement

0.0.4 1 month ago

- Size limits (fixed clients & resizing)
- Reworked "Float Desktop" function (Meta + Esc)
- Moving windows to ignored screens now resizes them
- Even more reliable script start

0.0.3 1 month ago

- Fixed multiple bugs preventing the script from starting

0.0.2 1 month ago

- Improved stability when interacting with virtual desktops
- Maximized windows can be unmaximized by moving and resizing
- Ignored Programs function properly with minimizing, maximizing and fullscreening

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