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# Plasmoid for Syncthing

## Features
Provides quick access to most frequently used features but does not intend to replace the official web UI:
* Check state of directories and devices
* Check current traffic statistics
* Display further details about directories and devices, like last file, last scan, items out of sync, ...
* Display ongoing downloads
* Display Syncthing log
* Trigger re-scan of a specific directory or all directories at once
* Open a directory with the default file browser
* Pause/resume a specific device or all devices at once
* Pause/resume a specific directory
* Shows Syncthing notifications
* Can read the local Syncthing configuration file for quick setup when just connecting to local instance
* Can show the status of the Syncthing systemd unit and allows to start and stop it (see section *Use of systemd*)
* Provides quick access to the official web UI (utilizes either Qt WebKit or Qt WebEngine, can be built without web view support as well)
* Allows quickly switching between multiple Syncthing instances
* Also features a simple command line utility `syncthingctl` to check Syncthing status and trigger
* Also bundles a KIO plugin which shows the status of a Syncthing directory
and allows to trigger Syncthing actions in Dolphin file manager
* English and German localization

The Plasmoid is part of the Syncthing Tray project. Checkout its [repository]( for further information.

## Further notes
The backend is written in C++. Hence the Plasmoid must be built manually. For Arch Linux there is a [pkgbuild]( and also a [binary repository]( There is also a Tumbleweed package available at [the openSUSE build service]( For other distributions, follow the build instructions in the project repository.


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