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I like dark themes a lot, what about you?

I want to share with you my result. I took standart linux (Ubuntu Gnome) and made something like this.
I dont pretend on literary property on these addons, themes, icons, etc. I just want to share my result with you and show you how to get desktop like i have.

1) Linux Extensions:

"Window is ready" notification remover:
Removes that "Window is ready" notification.

Adds an option to keep your desktop without suspend.

Dash To Dock:
Dock i Use. I dont like "Plank" cause it has no option to hide when window is maximized.

Dynamic panel transparency:
Makes top panel transparent, when window is not maximized.

Mini "System Monitor" on the top bar.

Hide top bar:
Hides the top bar when windows is maximized (Need to moved is settings first).

No topleft hot corner:
Hides topleft hot corner.

That weather widget i use. Like these icons with different weather in the top bar.

Places Status Indicator:
Adds "Places" to the top bar.

Suspend Button:
Adds a "Suspend" button in user menu.

Extensions i didnt told cause they're default or not giving any profit:
User Themes, Removable drive menu, Native window placement, Mailnag.

2) Themes:

GTK+: Plane Dark

ICONS: Smooth Glossy Icon Theme Mix

CURSOR: Breeze Snow

SHELL: Paper

3) Conky:

4) Wallpaper:
One of Gnome's default)

As a result, i got great working space, that is ideal for working, gaming, media and etc.
And the main thing that dock and top bar is hidden till your window is maximized.
Share me your desktop, maybe i had missed something to reach the ideal!
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*Needs pling-store or ocs-url to install things
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