BTRFS Subvolume Manager Service Menu
Dolphin Service Menus
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Access various BTRFS subvolume actions through a Dolphin service menu.

Functions include:

Verifying subvolume is not just a regular folder
Subvolume Snapshots - Read-Write or Read-Only
Subvolume Deletion
Subvolume Send/Receive

The scripts used by these servicemenus assume your root volume and any target volumes used for send|receive are already mounted. Root user access is required to act on BTRFS subvolumes.

The snapshots are given the same name as the source subvolume with the addition of the date/time the snapshot was created id this format:


for read-only snapshots:


To change this to your liking, edit the two "snapshot..." scripts and change this line to reflect your preferred naming scheme:

target="$1"_`date +%y%m%d-%H%M%S`

To install, place the "subvol_manager.desktop" file and the "subvol_manager-scripts" folder and it's contents into:


Required script dependencies include:


This servicemenu and scripts are freely offered with no warranty. Use at your own risk. They have been tested on more than one system prior to release. See the script file remarks for creator contact info.
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