A simple display of your system's uptime. It happily sits in your panel (horizontal; top or bottom only) and displays your uptime. My personal record is 1 day, 16 hours. It doesn't have a configuration page - it doesn't need one. You can click on it all day and it won't do anything except keep counting. It's simple, but it's happy.


2 months ago

Simple and does as stated. Thanks!



3 months ago

This application doesn't work. Adding the widget to my Plasma desktop gives me a dark box with no text, graphics or information of any type displayed. Additionally, this individual's "record" of being up for a 1 day & 16 hours is unimpressive. I routinely run a week on my primary desktop without reboot and I use it heavily with all sorts of sketchy programs. KDE is great and will happily run and run and run.




3 months ago

I'm sorry it doesn't work for you. It's not meant for the desktop; if you're willing, try it in a horizontal panel. It's a very simple thing. If it still doesn't work, well, it's just a display of 'uptime' and not much else. KDE is great. My uptime is low because I have a low-powered machine and I'm constantly trying new drivers, etc. I'm sorry my little widget doesn't work when placed on the desktop. Thanks for trying it out, though.


product-maker vistaus Feb 24 2018

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