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...and green.
please, make a choice and vote, which Konstella should be default :)
thank you


17 years ago


I still have to put my vote in on the grayscale one. I like the green (and a bit the orange), but I still think the comment(s) I made, in the original thread you made, stand.

This is an ART site. If the page is all pretty and flashy and all, it'll take away from the art being presented. The grayscale screen shot you made makes for damn sure that you see the thumbnail that you have posted there. That's knida the point of an "art" site (IMHO). Showcase the art, but still make the site, in general, "pretty". I think you found the goal with the gray scale one.

just my 2 cants.




17 years ago

yes, u are right about this. thank you.
personally i like the grayscale theme most (and the orange/red-grey one if there should be some color) but i wanted to listen and hear the users/visitors opinion and i see someone does need it colourful...
we'll see in few days the results but i'm almost sure it'll be the grayscale one as default and the others as optional choices...



17 years ago

don't make the grey theme the default one! It's too poor, so... lightless.
The blue theme's the best, it's "lighty", fresh, cool... it's surely got to be the default one!
And remember it, blue's the default color in the coming KDE 3.1 (look at the Crystal icons and the default Keramic).
By the way, good work! Keep it up as long as you can!

Ciao, ciao!!!


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