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This is a dark color scheme for Kate and Kwrite. It works for both kde3 and kde4 and can be applied to Quanta+. To install the theme, simply open your ~/.kde/share/config/kateschemarc file and add the following color scheme:

Color Background=11,12,14
Color Highlighted Bracket=228,180,94
Color Highlighted Line=20,22,25
Color Icon Bar=113,113,112
Color Line Number=167,167,167
Color MarkType1=228,180,94
Color MarkType2=255,0,0
Color MarkType3=255,255,0
Color MarkType4=255,0,255
Color MarkType5=160,160,164
Color MarkType6=0,255,0
Color MarkType7=255,0,0
Color Selection=47,87,133
Color Tab Marker=115,115,115
Color Template Background=204,204,204
Color Template Editable Placeholder=204,255,204
Color Template Focused Editable Placeholder=102,255,102
Color Template Not Editable Placeholder=255,204,204
Color Word Wrap Marker=76,76,76
Font=DejaVu Sans Mono,8,-1,5,50,0,0,0,0,0

Save the file and do the same for your kde4 kateschemarc file.

To use the theme, simply open kate or kwrite and choose:

Settings -> Configure Kate -> Fonts & Colors

Then in the top "Schema" listbox select dcrBlackGold. To appy the schema as the default, at the bottom, "Default schema for kate" listbox, select the theme and it will become your default.

The kwrite and quanta setups are identical.

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