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SDDM Theme Breeze Slider 2 is a modification of the standard Breeze (Plasma 5.12.3) theme.

Readme file after installation: /usr/share/sddm/themes/breeze-slider2/Notes/README.html

Preview clip: From Breeze Slider 2 SDDM theme to Breeze Custom Lock.mp4 -

Clip is using:
- Breeze Slider 2 SDDM theme (this)
- ImageSplash:
- Video wallpaper:
- Breeze Custom Lock Screen:

This theme is superseding the Breeze Slider:
The Breeze Slider 2 is more configurable than the Breeze Slider.

By editing the theme.conf text file the user can set:

- Slider color and transparency
- Buttons: suspend, reboot, shutdown and search
- Clock time/date/format/place...
- Background: color/image/slide/video

This sddm theme is using a semitransparent, configurable rectangle. The sddm texts are on the rectangle and moving out the sight when not needed.

The rectangle is moving:
- up when up arrow is pressed
- down when the down arrow is pressed.
- mouse movement will also trigger the down movement.
- after confiinactivity the rectangle is sliding out of sight

There is a readme file ( ../breeze-slider2/Notes/README.html ) and several sample configuration files available:

YouTube - Out of Box and tools:

YouTube - Simple and Ken Burns effect slideshow:

YouTube - Informative (?) slides with the CoverFlow:

YouTube - Video JukeBox:

YouTube - Video Loop:


3 months ago

This is really impressive. I would only ask if you thought about let choose some "Image of the Day" engines out there as sliding background (not the fixed background) to mimic somehow the W10 behaviour.
Anyway, this lock seems awesome!




3 months ago

Hmm - ? - there is the Breeze Cover: . It has the Win 10 like cover screen.



product-maker Shevchuk May 14 2018

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