Here are one KDE service menus for files and directory.

Backup and restore files and directories using Dolphin/Konqueror.
kde-service-menu-backupit is a package that extends the functionalities of Dolphin
or Konqueror adding many additionally sensible menu, reachables with right
click on the files. It's similar to gnome nautilus actions.

You can:
- create backup of files or directories
- restore last backup
- restore selected backup
- restore first backup

There are 4 scripts:
- Shell backup shell and kdialog frontend
- shell restore and kdialog frontend

You can use shell scripts for your remote server.

1) Backup.
You can create a backup copy of files or directories
Backup name format: basename.YYYY-MM-DD_hhmmss_xxxx~

2) Restore this.
Restore selected backup.

3) Restore last/first.
Restore last/first backup.
You can select base file/directory or a backup.
When you use "last" or "first" options, restore script calculate original item name
and restore the last or first backup of base name item.

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