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Automate Apache virtual host creation on Linux in your local LAMP development environment via command-line.
Simplifies local development on Linux desktop.

Devdom is a beta release.

The "beta" state is what I originally sought to solve while writing it:

- Utilize a concise CLI command to generate local domains
- Automate the process as much as possible

What does it do?
Instead of copying a bunch of existing conf files or going the lazy route and having all of your domains run under https://localhost/devsite1 and https://localhost/devsite2 - you can create custom top-level domains on the fly and have them instantly accessible.
https://devsite1.test is way better than https://localhost/devsite1 and is easier to keep organized when jumping from domain to domain.

Create a domain:
$ devdom domain mysite.test

- Devdom goes through the system and generates .conf files in /etc/apache2/sites-available
- Enables the virtualhost with a2ensite mysite
- Registers appropriate aliases
- Adds entries in /etc/hosts so the domain is accessible as a TLD
- Also creates a hosts modifier, so if you regularly update your Ad-blocking capabilities, your dev environment won't be affected.

Updated /etc/hosts with a new Adblocking list?
$ devdom hosts

That's it! Seconds worth of commands vs several minutes worth of running cp & sed commands!

Debian or Ubuntu-based LAMP distros; RHEL-based distros and LEMP compatibility are planned for future versions.

.deb install instructions:

Console icon by GuillenDesign (Paulo Guillen)
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