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For stand-alone SDDM!
Chili is hot, just like a real chili! Spice up the login experience for your users, your family and yourself. Chili reduces all the clutter and leaves you with a clean, easy to use, login interface with a modern yet classy touch.

Chili for SDDM is the desktop environment independent adaption of my chili login theme for stand-alone SDDM with reduced functionality . If you use Plasma as your desktop environment you would likely prefer Chili for KDE Plasma.

Chili for SDDM is highly customizable through its config file! You can alter the intensity of the background blur and even not have any blur at all. If you have a very big screen and the fonts have a weird size then fix it yourself in the config file. You can even change the avatar size to something that better suits you. And if that wasn't enough still you can translate the power buttons because SDDM is still lacking behind in translations!

Before updating the theme make sure to read the changelog.
Version 0.1.0 is the first release in this series.

Please share some love and up vote if you like this theme or even better pling this theme if you're a supporter!
Also be sure to check out my window decorations and folder icons that surely will fit well with your new login screen.

Installing the theme:

Download the tar archive and extract the contents to the theme directory of SDDM (change the path for the downloaded file if necessary):
"$ sudo tar -xzvf ~/Downloads/sddm-chili.tar.gz -C /usr/share/sddm/themes"

This will extract all the files to a folder called chili inside of the themes directory of SDDM. After that you will have to point SDDM to the new theme by editing its config file:
"$ sudo nano /usr/lib/sddm/sddm.conf.d/sddm.conf"

In the [theme] section set Current=chili. For a more detailed description please refer to the Arch wiki on sddm. Note that, depending on your system setup, a duplicate configuration may exist in /etc/sddm.conf. Usually this takes preference so you want to set the above line in this file if you have it.


Theming the theme:

Please view/edit the included theme.conf for variables you can set/change.

You might see some grey pixels around your user image which is caused by the the anti-aliasing of the opacity mask. You may change the fill color of the mask that resides in "components/artwork/mask.svg" to a color that better matches with your user images colors. Do not change the opacity of the mask. Take note that this might affect other user images with different colors present on your system.

A word on my own:
In the past years I have spent quite some hours on open source projects. If you are the type of person who digs attention to detail, know how much work is involved in it and/or simply likes to support makers with a coffee or a beer I would greatly appreciate your donation on my PayPayl account.
Last changelog:

0.1.1 1 day ago

Reintegrated the original breeze theme logic for the SDDM virtual keyboard.
This should fix its auto popup and give functionality at the same time.

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0.1.1 1 day ago

Reintegrated the original breeze theme logic for the SDDM virtual keyboard.
This should fix its auto popup and give functionality at the same time.

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