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A Kvantum theme based on the original work by PapirusDevelopmentTeam - some modifications to "greenify" the original theme and keep it elegant.
All credits to varlesh and his team.
My preferred theme is LightBreath. Breath, BlurBreath and DarkBreath are not tested as thoroughly as Light one.
Colour scheme is provided for light theme only. The purpose of colour scheme is to allow using Breeze decoration instead of ugly Aurorae. The scheme is not for Breeze
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Make this set more complete 12 days ago

Base dark/light compact GTK theme, beutified aurorae themes


6 months ago

9 +Thanks. I love the dark version



6 months ago

9 +


Make this set more complete 12 days ago

Base dark/light compact GTK theme, beutified aurorae themes

Aurorae themes 2 months ago

Dark and light ones, corners are almost fine.

Added aurorae theme 2 months ago

Fixed corners of the original theme

Dark color scheme 3 months ago

Pls do note once again: color themes are basically stock Manjaro Breath ones, I only changed titlebar colors in order to use Breeze window decorations with corresponding Kvantum theme as I dislike aurorae.

Optimized SVG files 5 months ago

Rebased on the optimized SVGs from PapirusDevelopmentTeam.
Added colour scheme for the light theme (use only with Kvantum and Breeze decorations). See updated screenshot.

Menu colour 6 months ago

Tweaked Light theme menu colour to match GTK theme and for the sake of compliance with Breath colours.

Some upstream changes, 3 more variants 6 months ago

Implemented some upstream changes (some of them are awful so were skipped or substitited with more adequate settings). Added 3 more themes with dark colours.

Updated GTK theme 6 months ago

Updated GTK theme + color fixes

Many color fixes 6 months ago

Tweaked a lot of colours for better consistency with Breath theme.

Routine update 8 months ago

Updated accordingly
Fixed tooltips

Breath colours 9 months ago

Added GTK theme (Breath), Kvantum (Breath)

product-maker aposuit Jan 31 2019 9 excellent
+Thanks. I love the dark version
product-maker p4prik4 Jan 25 2019 9 excellent
product-maker Count: 4 Rating: 5.0
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