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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Score 65.7%

A Kvantum theme based on the original work by PapirusDevelopmentTeam - some modifications to "greenify" the original theme and keep it still Materia.
All credits to Manjaro and Materia themes developers:

Color schemes are here:

GTK themes:
Last changelog:

Categorization and small fixes 2 days ago

Light touches here and there, but you might like it.


1 month ago

8 8 great



8 months ago

9 +Thanks. I love the dark version



8 months ago

9 +


Categorization and small fixes 2 days ago

Light touches here and there, but you might like it.

GTK themes update 27 days ago

Fixed black frame around menus, ty @nana-4

GTK themes update 1 month ago

GTK themes got fix for window borders.
GTK themes are based on 20190315 Materia release from @nana-4 due to no difference in active/inactive window titles' and headers' colors, which is the same in Kvantum themes, so GTK apps don't look alien too much.
Recolor newer releases yourself if you prefer different active / inactive windows colors.

Old releases got removed.

Make this set more complete 2 months ago

Base dark/light compact GTK theme, beutified aurorae themes

Aurorae themes 4 months ago

Dark and light ones, corners are almost fine.

Added aurorae theme 4 months ago

Fixed corners of the original theme

Dark color scheme 5 months ago

Pls do note once again: color themes are basically stock Manjaro Breath ones, I only changed titlebar colors in order to use Breeze window decorations with corresponding Kvantum theme as I dislike aurorae.

Optimized SVG files 7 months ago

Rebased on the optimized SVGs from PapirusDevelopmentTeam.
Added colour scheme for the light theme (use only with Kvantum and Breeze decorations). See updated screenshot.

Menu colour 8 months ago

Tweaked Light theme menu colour to match GTK theme and for the sake of compliance with Breath colours.

Some upstream changes, 3 more variants 8 months ago

Implemented some upstream changes (some of them are awful so were skipped or substitited with more adequate settings). Added 3 more themes with dark colours.

Updated GTK theme 8 months ago

Updated GTK theme + color fixes

Many color fixes 8 months ago

Tweaked a lot of colours for better consistency with Breath theme.

Routine update 10 months ago

Updated accordingly
Fixed tooltips

Breath colours 11 months ago

Added GTK theme (Breath), Kvantum (Breath)

product-maker radexxx Aug 28 2019 8 great
8 great
product-maker aposuit Jan 31 2019 9 excellent
+Thanks. I love the dark version
product-maker p4prik4 Jan 25 2019 9 excellent
product-maker Base: 4 x 5.0 Ratings
Feb 02 2019
Jan 31 2019
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