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AmigaBuntu is basically just Kubuntu 18.10 customized to look similar to an Amiga with a modern twist and still being linux.

Any support would be provided by Kubuntu, Kubuntu forums and IRC.

At this time, AmigaBuntu is offered only in 64 bit architecture.
20GB is required for install, but can be used as a live DVD or USB.
AmigaBuntu will be slow in a virtual machine but works great as an install.

Getting Started:

Burn the image to DVD or USB. Instructions for doing this are widely available online and I will not go into it here.

Check the boot order in you're BIOS settings that it will boot from the device you insert containing AmigaBuntu first.
Insert the DVD or USB and boot up, select the first option will work for most people.
After boot, you can use the distribution as is, or install as a main operating system, or install beside other operating systems.

To Install:

Right click on "Install AmigaBuntu" on the desktop and select properties. Select the "Application" tab, and locate the input field for command.
Replace the command with: sudo pkexec ubiquity kde_ui
Click on Advanced. Checkmark "Run In Terminal"
Press OK, press OK again.
Double click the "Install AmigaBuntu" desktop icon, and follow the installer.

Note: Grub will be installed to be able to select operating system at boot time.
Should you wish to install my Amiga Themed BURG instead, after first boot,
click the boing ball in the bottom left of screen, navigate to system, and select Super-Boot-Manager.
The default root password is: amiga
After entering the password, select Burg-manager in Super-Boot-Manager.
Click burg-install. When it finishes, click restore Burg into MBR. This will take about 30 seconds or so.

Post Install:

If you want a password required for login:
Click the boing ball menu icon, type sddm. Click the program that comes up. In the resulting window, click the Advanced Tab, unclick auto-login,
click apply, enter you're password.

NOTE: The login screen does not work well in VirtualBox, so I recommend you do not use it unless you have AmigaBuntu installed on a real machine.

Change your profile picture, account name and password, and enjoy AmigaBuntu!

Note: The icon theme is not 100% complete.

Feel free to use, modify, and distribute as you please.
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