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I use the Breeze window decorations with the Marteria-dark theme but since I use the breeze window decorations my Chrome theme looked really bad so the only way for me to fix that is edit the breeze-gtk theme and create this gtk theme solely so I can use the breeze window decorations with the Materia-dark theme. So if you like to use the breeze window decorations and Materia-dark theme then this will help make chrome look better otherwise this is not for you most likely. Just select Materia everywhere besides the window decorations and then set this theme in gtk2 and gtk3 application style. Now your chrome will look good and not to say that this could not be made better because it can but it does work and it make Chrome look really good also. It looks best to remove breeze scroll bars in the plasma integration and also set chrome to use system title bars.

Thanks to the Papirus Development Team over at github for supplying the Materia kde theme.

And of course the Breeze theme is the default theme so it was made by the KDE developers so thanks to them also.

My wallpaper was made by Mr. Charlie Henson and can be found here.

I use the Newaita icons and they are here.

This is a specific use theme really because it just makes Materia usable with breeze window decorations.



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