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Semantic desktop usage in the KDE environment until now has been
annoying, obligating the user to execute tag and classification
operations using specialized tools, like the file manager.
KLabeler wants to simplify semantic desktop use, as easy as accessing a
menu or an option of any program.
KLabeler purpose is help the user to classify, tag and manage documents
and resources. It can operate in association with KDE Plasma Desktop
activities or as stand alone. The user can take advantage of Nepomuk
accessing it through a well known access point.
With simple operations the user can associate to a resource (message,
file, ...) to one or more tags directly from the desktop during his
work. KLabeler has options to permit access to tagged resources, examine,
add other tags or remove them.
KLabeler automatically saves user actions settings as profiles, to repeat
routine tasks without having the user redo same work twice.
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