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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net


A Plasma color scheme,matching GTK theme and Konsole color scheme.
The GTK theme was made with Oomox,and the GTK3 tooltips are a bit light,the GTK2 tooltips are the correct colour,but it still should be usable?
There is also a matching Telegram theme made by BUBSBILBY - https://store.kde.org/p/1309635/

Here are a few details about and how this look is achieved.

The panel is Latte-Dock,the reason for choosing Latte-Dock over
the Plasma panel are the customisation options,and transparent
panels are transparent,unlike Plasma panel which if you enable
blur,is blurred too with no way to disable it,plus there are no visual
lines on edges.

To hide the window decorations first set the window decoration to
Breeze,then click "Configure Breeze" go to the "Window-Specific Overrides"
tab,click add,then

Matching Window Property: Window Class Name

Regular Expression To Match: .*

Then under "Decoration Options",tick the "Border Size" box and set
to "No Border",and also tick the "Hide Window Title Bar" box as well.

The widget on the left of the panel is Active Window Control,that is set
for the window buttons,you can set it to any buttons you like as long as the
theme is installed,and a global menu that appears on mouse-over of the
application name.

The icons are Suru++ Asprómauros,to make them look like this,right click
the folders with emblems (Downloads,Music,Pictures etc.) and select
properties,then under the General tab,directly under the word General
is an icon,click that and look in System icons for an icon of a folder
just called "folder",select and ok that,then your folders will all match with
no emblems for any icon theme you use.

The icons were recoloured using Oomox,the colours for these are -

Suru++ Asprómauros - Gradients Enabled

Panel Icons - a75c5d

Gradient Start Color - 752a4c

Gradient End Color - a37832

There is no menu,I use Krunner which I set to open with the Meta key.

There is no taskbar or pager,I use Active Screen Corners with Present Windows-All Desktops
and Desktop Grid instead.


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2 years ago

How to achieve this ???? I am asking on behalf of others. They will need to no how to do this I promise. All of it. Folders too.




2 years ago

I will put the full details in the howto in the description.
Got to try and make it easy to understand for those new to KDE,so it will take a bit of time to write.


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