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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

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One shade darker than the Materia Manjaro theme.
Please click on the screenshots and enlarge and the blurriness will go away.

## New high contrast version with bouncy buttons. I was just palying when I made the new color scheme but it very cool indeed.
It will be the color scheme with HC at the end of the name and it is not the default on the look and feel theme so you will need to go into settings and change your colors to the Materia Manjaro Dark HC if you want to try the new version.

The look and feel theme is here:

The Plasma theme is here:

The Aurorae theme is here:

The GTK theme is here:

Icons made for this theme:

Thanks to the Papirus Development team for the use of there icons and widgets.
You can find the original Materia KDE theme here:

All these themes work with good with Breeze window decorations also. Really good as a matter of fact. So if you do not like the Materia Manjaro Dark Aurorae theme try it with the Breeze window decorations.
I will show a couple screenshots with Breeze window decorations. I prefer them but I almost do.

I use Charlie Henson's wallpapers here:
The theme has two wallpapers with it now so that is why you have different wallpapers in the screenshots.


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