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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Score 50.0%

Papirus Nord

Charming your distro!

Avaliable colors:

  • Aurora Green
  • Aurora Orange
  • Aurora Yellow
  • Frost Blue 4

Install guide:

  • Install the patch package
  • Run de with sudo
  • Enjoy the icons!

Custom folder icon for Papirus Icon Theme! Based in nord colors by Arctic Ice Studio
Generated by Papirus Folder Icon Creator made by me
Last changelog:

New Version(2020-03-17 23:32) 15 days ago

Added Frost Blue 4 version!

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New Version(2020-03-17 23:32) 15 days ago

Added Frost Blue 4 version!

New Version(2020-02-28 16:37) 1 month ago

Added Aurora Yellow version and bug was fixed, where the exchange of icons, some were with the previous color, that is, there was no exchange!

After this bug, uninstall the Papirus Icon, run "rm -rf /usr/share/icons/Papirus", install Papirus Icon and install the Papirus Nord!

New Version(2020-02-24 20:44) 1 month ago

Added Aurora Orange version!

Initial Version(2020-02-16 15:21) 1 month ago

Initial release!

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2020-03-17 23:32
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