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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

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QTEE (QTextEdit Example) - rich text editor based on Qt QTextEdit widget.
- Can work with files in MAFF format. All document files in one zip-file.
- In HTML-format all resource files copies to [name]_files directory.
- You can insert (attach) various files. Video, PDF, ...
- You can copy entire articles from the internet, images will be downloaded.
- Export formats: PDF, EPUB 2, Markdown, Plain text. Bad in ODT format.
- For links click use Ctrl. Links are opened by system applications.
- You can replace image with its link or thumbnail.
- Table actions.
- [+], [-] buttons can resize selected image. One at a time. Can resize table column width for table created with % width.

0.0.2 - Minor improvements. Known issues: on some images the special context menu (Ctrl+) only works on the right half. It overlaped by the previous fragment.
0.0.3 - Minor fixes. All resource files can be opened in a browser when saved in HTML. One context menu (No Ctrl+). Detects HTML and links upon paste text.
0.0.4 - Redone network request logic. Minor fixes and improvements.
0.0.5 - Tables with % column width. Use Shift+ when create it. Drag-and-drop image from browser (will download it). Fix local Drag-and-drop. Tab list on right-click on tabbar. Minor fixes and improvements.
0.0.6 - Added export to Epub 2. Options dialog. Minor fixes and improvements.
0.1.1 - File browser. Data file path as command line argument. It allows you to open a data file from file manager and make qtee as default (for maff files, for example).


9 months ago

Is it possible to find sources of yours QTEE?




9 months ago

I plan to lay out the source. It's not ready yet. For a month, probably. While I can answer a specific question by coding.


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