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2021.03.03 5 days ago

Fixed issues

2020.11.20 3 months ago

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2020.07.16 7 months ago

Update background style

product-maker brighton35 Jan 19 2021 10 the best
Great theme. Love this theme and the Layan theme too. However is there any way to reduce the transparency for both themes. I don't want to change the level of blur in System Settings because it blends so well with other apps. Is there any way to just adjust the level of this theme only?
product-maker maurice-ka Dec 12 2020 8 great
Unfortunately, in my hardware configuration (HDPI scaling on 4k monitor with NVIDIA hardware), thick borders are around every window. This is quite annoying. Otherwise, impeccable work!
product-maker markagg2 Oct 20 2020 10 the best
Magnificent. Polished, the best out there!
product-maker FRPM Jul 31 2020 10 the best
At Manjaro KDE it was perfect.
product-maker wyzrdx Jul 25 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker raphael-sanches Jul 09 2020 8 great
8 great
product-maker maartz Jul 07 2020 10 the best
10 the best
product-maker amishparadis Jul 07 2020 10 the best
10 the best Awesomeness. MacOS Big Sur trembles in fear. Thanks to people like you, we can customize our desktop with light and dark themes. Keep it up! I loved this theme!
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Plasma Themes

Plasma Themes are for the main elements of the DE, like Panel, Menu, etc.

Read more about how to do Plasma Themes here: