Alt Azenis 2 Cinnamenu including cinnamon theme vivaldi Mod

Cinnamon Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):


Please read over here:

I had misunderstood that a Cinnamenu DID exist. I corrected the listing; then set out to theme in the Cinnamenu.
This is the same thing as over there, except this is an Alternate Cinnamenu.
The problem with this is that you must set the Settings and Sizes the same way I have to get it to look like the picture- Which is why I am posting this as a second listing and as an Alternate.
The Cinnamenu listed in the link above is More Generic in order to adapt to all the different settings individuals may use. This one is set to be more actual Azenis 2 in appearance,like in the olden days.
Update_ Cleaned up the background image.
UPDATE: ADDED Azenis 2 EX icon support (As well as other icon sets on here) to the attached applet.js on the right>>>>
Replace applet.js in your ~/.local/share/cinnamon/applets/[email protected]/4.0 folder with the one you download here.

Applet.js is needed to make the theme and Cinnamenu look right.

The Custom Height of the menu - I have mine set at 490 > I tested this on two screens with different resolutions and it worked, but you might need to fiddle with that size a bit.
Cat icon size - 48
App list icon size - 48
App grid icon size - 48
Session Buttons icon size -30 < This is the important one, really.
Layout and Content

Use custom icon: Yes
Panel icon: Browse to themes/AltAzenisBlack/cinnamon and select the "mint-menu-icon.png"
Set Cinnamon theme for desktop
Panel text: blank

Just for kicks, I am also including the Vivaldi Browser theme.
If you use Vivaldi and Azenis theme and want everything Uniform...
Open Settings > Appearance > Custom UI Modifications
Select the destination where you extract your vivaldi theme. The Profile Image upper right is a generic one in this theme, not my own in the screenshot.
You can make your own to replace it with if you like.
For the Menu background:
Open Settings > Appearance > Window Background Image: azenis-2-vivaldi-bg.png (Download this on the right>>>)
checked on . Repeat


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