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5 .0

This is a wallpaper plugin for Plasma 5 which allows its users to "stretch" an image between multiple virtual desktops, so that moving between those desktops shows different portions of the background.

Note: If using the Slide animation between virtual desktops, make sure that System Settings / Workspace Behavior / Virtual Desktops / ("Slide" animation configuration) / Slide desktop background is off.

  • Desktop Rows: The number of desktop rows; this setting should have the same value as Settings / Workspace Behavior / Virtual Desktops.
  • Parallax Zoom Factor: How much to zoom into the image. At 100%, parallax can be observed only on the side of the image that is longer than the screen. At higher values, parallax can be observed in both directions.
  • Parallax Crop Factor: How much of the image to crop. At 100%, makes sure that parallax on X and parallax on Y moves the background by the same amount. At 0%, makes sure that all parts of the image are visible on some virtual desktop.
  • Slide Duration: How long the slide animation should be.

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Oct 31 2020
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