Nordian-Solid-Global Mod

Global Themes

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on


Dark Global Theme, No Transparent and No Blur

Dark Globak Theme Nordian-Global : Here

Transparent and Blur

Icons for Dark Plasma Themes Breeze-Nordian-Dark : Here

Icons for Light Plasma Themes Breeze-Nordian-Light : Here

Icons: Breeze Chameleon Dark : Here

Icons: Breeze Chameleon Light : Here

- The folders change color depending on the Color Scheme You Set

Kvantum Theme Nordian-Solid-Kvantum : Here

Plasma Theme Nordian-Solid-Plasma : Here

Dark Plasma Color Scheme Nordian-Dark : Here

Light Plasma Color Scheme Nordian-Light : Here

Aurorae Theme Nordian-Solid-Aurorae : Here

SDDM LoginTheme Nordian-SDDM : Here

Plasma Splashscreen Nordian-Splash : Here

Konsole Color Scheme Nordian-Solid-Konsole : Here

GTK-2/3 Theme Nordian-Breeze-GTK : Here

Wallpaper Nordian-Plasma : Here

Wallpaper Nordian-Flat : Here

Wallpaper Nordian-Abstract : Here

Wallpaper Plasma Desktop Wallpaper 1824 4K 2K HD : Here

Wallpaper Starry Nebula 181 4K Wallpaper : Here

Wallpaper Starry Nebula 232 4K Wallpaper : Here

Author Wallpapers: Charlie-Henson
Last changelog:

Nordian-Solid-Global 1 month ago

Update Plasma Theme, Icons

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Nordian-Solid-Global 1 month ago

Update Plasma Theme, Icons

Nordian-Solid-Global 2 months ago

Update Plasma Theme, Icons

Nordian-Solid-Global 3 months ago

Update Plasma Theme, Colorscheme, Icons

Nordian-Solid-Global 3 months ago

Update Plasma Theme

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Global Themes

Global Themes in Plasma are Meta- or Super-Themes, capable of changing multiple aspects of the desktop environment at once, like Window Decoration, Plasma Theme, Color Scheme, Icon Theme etc. In addition, one can define the complete Layout, like what panel to use where, the menu type used and much more.

An example Global Theme:

For more info how to create Global themes click here: Theme_Package

Or watch this video: