This extension allows to create a m3u file every time the video is paused, along with a snapshot. This addon is especially very useful when used with the tagging organizer program called Stagsi, to browse and tag all bookmarks in the thumbnail viewer.

Watch a tutorial for usage here:

Stagsi is optional, but we created this addon especially for importing video bookmarks into Stagsi in order to have the opportunity to tag various sequences in a video.

Simply read the instruction in the lua file for more details. In summary, to enable this extension, copy the lua script to VLC’s program folder, example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\lua\extensions\

Then you also need to enable this script via the View menu while VideoLan is running. (see the YouTube video url above).

Whenever a video is paused (often with Space hotkey), a M3U playlist is saved in the desired directory with current playback position. Video snapshot of that same playback position can also be generated (need to be enabled) for later import into Stagsi, as a custom thumbnail.

It’s the best we could do with this addon. I found that developing an addon for VLC player is sort of a limited experience due to its poor api. It would be nice if contributors could allow to bookmark the video without another hotkey than pausing the video.
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Dec 31 2020
Dec 23 2020
*Needs pling-store or ocs-url to install things
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