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Weekday is a small widget for KDE that shows what the day is today in context of whole week by rendering small horizontal 7 cells grid, one for each week day and visually distinguishing day of today with past and future week days.

Please report any issues on project Github page!
If you use this widget please comment and rate or star it at Github!

Also, please check my other widgets!
Last changelog:

1.7.0 24 days ago

* Added support for using custom fonts.
* Removed theme export's custom context menu. CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-X still works.

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1.7.0 24 days ago

* Added support for using custom fonts.
* Removed theme export's custom context menu. CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-X still works.

1.6.0 29 days ago

* Added placeholders for seconds: `{s}` and `{ss}`.
* Added locale based date/time placeholders: `{ldl}`, `{lds}`, `{ltl}`, `{lts}`, `{ldtl}` and `{ldts}`.
* `{k}` now returns hour in 12hrs-based clock.
* Theme editor's Bold/Italic checkboxes are now replaced with labeled buttons
* Fixed `{k}` and `{kk}` to return `12` instead of incorrect `0` for 12hrs clock.
* Added `.pragma library` to all stateless JS files
* Fixed tooltip content not being properly updated

1.5.0 1 month ago

* Added huge set of predefined color schemes.
* Clicking on widget opens CalendarView popup.
* Added support for user configurable week days' labels
* Added (optional) visual indicator of last day of the month.
* Added support for `{wy}` (week of the year) placeholder.
* Added support for `00` placeholder formatting directive.
* Added support for theme export/import (as JSON).
* Theme switcher no longer changes theme instantly bug follows Apply/Cancel pattern.
* Separated user theme configuration pane from Appearance config.
* Replaced use of Timer with hour aligned data source to make widget less resource hungry.
* Theme editor features "Fake calendar" mode now, to make theme testing a breeze.
* Fixed widget's tooltip sub-text not working properly.

1.4.0 1 month ago

* Added bunch of predefined color schemes
* Added separate (optional) appearance of future Saturday and Sunday
* Added separate (optional) appearance of past Saturday and Sunday
* Added separate (optional) appearance of today Saturday and Sunday
* Added separated general widget background color
* Added option to export current custom theme as JSON string
* Added option to clone built-in theme into custom colors for easy tweaking
* Added option to swap colors in custom theme editor
* Added fully configurable tooltip texts with placeholders support
* Fixed Tooltip not using custom locale

1.3.0 2 months ago

* Added update availability checker
* Corrected layout items

v1.2.0 2 months ago

* Added widget tooltip with current date
* Added option to override used locale
* Added customizable week start day
* Appearance can now be configured
* Separate look config for past, current and future days

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