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Kite (formerly Classik-Neu and Ozone) is a fork of the Classik theme, except with an Oxygen/Breeze-style diamond/kite-shaped restore button which fits in with the Breeze Application Style. A kite floats in the breeze and also makes your windows float! IMO, the restore button is not as visually descriptive/intuitive as that in the KDE1-inspired Classik, but this is compensated for by being more aesthetically appealing and fits in well with Plasma's style and branding.

- Kite is designed to complement the Breeze Twilight global theme with the original Breeze colour scheme (albeit with the Breeze colour scheme modified to have a darker #31363b active titlebar).
- Kite-Light is designed to complement the Breeze Light colour scheme.
- Kite-Dark is designed to complement the Breeze Dark colour scheme.

Hover colours are inherited from Plasma system colours.

Note that this Window Decoration will display differently on LoDPI and HiDPI screens -- the defaults were selected to try and compromise between both. On my 250% scaled HiDPI screen I find the titlebar a bit large so I edit ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/Kite/Kiterc and decrease the defaults (15) to the following values or smaller:

If you have a LoDPI 100% scaled screen, or a 200% scaled screen, you may find the titlebar too small (or even corrupted) so may wish increase these values instead to 16-18 (18 stops all corruption with no borders set).

The border size can then be adjusted accordingly in the Window Decorations settings dialogue. In order to get the Light or Dark themes to integrate with the "tools area" you need to set borders to "no borders".
Last changelog:

20210224 2 days ago

Update Light theme's titlebar colour to match the Breeze Light colour scheme's "Tools Area"

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20210224 2 days ago

Update Light theme's titlebar colour to match the Breeze Light colour scheme's "Tools Area"

20210223 3 days ago

Rebranded from Ozone to Kite.

20210222 3 days ago

- New Light theme and Dark theme!
- Minor fix to shade icon for LoDPI

20210219 7 days ago

- Rebranded from Classik-Neu to Ozone
- Improved contrast for selected items on inactive window.

20210218 7 days ago

Improved contrast for selected items.

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