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Creates a service menu entry for A folder/ directory [mime type inode/directory]:
"Start Activity."

Clicking in "Start Activity" will then switch to the activity associated with the folder/directory creating and associating a new one if it doesn't already exist.

I use if with folder/directories like:
~/Clients/Paying/Simon Inc
or ~/Pictures/4can
or ~/SatardayNight
or /media/4665-434

This is a little hack that I'd like to develop further (see readme) but that will require a bit of work on activities...

I'd also like to hook it up with Simon... and have something so that a directory can be created for an activity... and hook it up with Simon.

Well I think that I should work from a new facet for each client I have or activity I have to do and this makes it easier.

computer satarday night!
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9 years ago

Made the description clearer as there was a comment about it not being descriptive!



9 years ago

Adds a service menu against directories 'Start Activity' that starts an activity associated with that directory.
If one doesn't exist it creates one in ~/.kactivities

the activity name is the directory root name.

so for instance if I have ~/Projects/Clients/FooBar I could start and activity there.

or ~/Videos I could start one there...


This is just a proof of concept (files are only a couple of lines long... read readme)



9 years ago

It would be nice to understand what exactly it does before doewnloading it :)


9 years ago

Made the description clearer as there was a comment about it not being descriptive!

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