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There are loads of great searches built in to Konqueror through it's 'web shortcuts', plus you can define your own. Sometimes I can't remember what all those searches are, sometimes I'm just too lazy to click on the location bar and type those few letters in. This script/service menu is a shortcut to the web shortcuts! It allows a quick way to execute any web shortcut on the contents of the clipboard.

Two scripts are included. The first creates a service menu from all your web shortcuts so that they can be accessed by right clicking on a web page, choosing 'Actions/Web shortcuts/'. If executed, the service menu calls the second script, which runs the chosen search using the contents of the clipboard, appearing in a new tab in the current Konqueror window.

This script requires klipper to be running, as it uses 'dcop klipper klipper getClipboardContents' to get the clipboard text.

* Place konqueror_web_shortcut.sh in your path, make sure it is executable.
* Check the 'CUSTOMISATION' section of the 'make_web_shortcut_servicemenu.sh' script - you may want to change the path to the konqueror_web_shortcut.sh script.
* Execute make_web_shortcut_servicemenu.sh. It might take a little while.

* Everytime you add a web shortcut, you'll need to run the make_web_shortcut_servicemenu.sh script to update the service menu.


Only the {@} substitution is currently supported. This probably won't ever be fixed (by me, at least).
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