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Dolphin Service Menus

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5 .0

This is an Upgrade of the abandoned script created by Topazz (thank you) who left it to work only in KDE 3.x. I took it and adapted it to work properly on KDE 4.x. It now works in english, spanish and french. More translations are welcome.


Rename all files and directories, including sub directories, removing or replacing special characters.
The new name is compatible with MS-DOS FAT16 and URL (RFC 1738)
All characters different from A–Z, 0–9 and $-_!'() are renamed

For exemple :
* Fichier d'écriture *.txt
Will be renamed in :

You can edit to change the new characters.


You have to put the .desktop file to: ~/.kde4/share/kde4/services/ServiceMenus

You have to put the .py file to:
~/bin (local bin folder)
or specify the correct location in the path of the .desktop file.

If you have some path problems (like me) you can try to change ~/ to /home/yourname/
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