Day of month
Plasma Widgets

Plasmoid for plasma panel.
Shows the day of the month.

Useful for little panels:

If you enable the date in KDE clock, the date is shown under the time, so the time digits get smaller, the date gets even smaller, and also the year and the month are shown, that are unuseful and add noise.

Solution? The 'Day of month' plasmoid, that can be put on the left or on the right of the clock, so the clock digits dont get smaller, and the year&month are not shown, so no more noise. Simple and clear.

Perhaps you are also interested in 'Day of week' widget.

  • KDE 5 (Plasma 5).

  • Download the file 'day_of_month.plasmoid' to some folder in your hard disk.

  • Right-click on KDE Panel -> Add Widgets... -> Get new widgets -> Install widget from local file...

  • A file selection window will be shown. Go to the folder (where you saved the file to), select the downloaded file, and click on Ok.

  • The installation is done. Now we are going to add the plasmoid to the panel.

  • Right-click on KDE Panel, click on 'Add Widgets...', search for Day of month, and double-click on the item found. The plasmoid will be added to the panel.

  • Move the plasmoid to your favourite place (perhaps near the clock).

  • Right-click on KDE Panel, click on 'Panel preferences', rigth-click on the plasmoid (Day of month), click on 'Remove this Day of month'.

  • The plasmoid has been removed from the panel. Now we are going to uninstall it.

  • Open a shell and run this command:

  • plasmapkg2 --remove day_of_month

    The source code is into the file 'day_of_month.plasmoid', that is a zip file. So to see the source code, you only have to rename it to a .zip extension, and then unzip it:

    mv day_of_month.plasmoid
    Last changelog:

    1 year ago

    1.0 First version
    1.1 Better layout: Vertically centered (for big panels), widget width adapted to content width.


    1 year ago

    It could be nice for bigger panels too. I'd love to see the abbreviation for the day of the week plus the day of the month in the panel instead of what the plasma5-clock offers.

    Maybe you could make a second version of this one with option to alternatively show the day's name in short form? In a small panel it could be two widgets side by side, but in a bigger panel it's better to have it in one widget with two rows, with the day of the month on top and the day of the week below. So maybe a new version with two options: 1. day of month only or plus day of week and 2. one row or two rows if day of week is chosen :)



    1 year ago

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    To keep it simple and to avoid the mess of adding config, I have created a new widget "Day of week", that shows the abreviated name of the week, as you proposed. You can download it at

    In adition, I have improved the centering of both widgets ("Day of month" and "Day of week"), so they are now correctly shown in big panels, and also in vertical panels.

    Perhaps in the future I will join both widgets, but for now I think that simplicity is beautiful (and easy to maintain).

    Have fun :-)



    1 year ago

    Thanks :)


    1 year ago

    1.0 First version
    1.1 Better layout: Vertically centered (for big panels), widget width adapted to content width.

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